• Comprehensive and Enterprise Focused

    This audit template covers more than 20 total sections with 200+ items to check focus on issues common with enterprise level websites that can only be crawled with Deepcrawl. The entire template is over 200 pages. Be confident that you've checked everything.

  • Deepcrawl Instructions

    Not sure how to use Deepcrawl to conduct an SEO audit? This template walks through what reports to pull and how to configure them, including how to integrate with Google Analytics and Omniture session data.

  • Full of Instructions

    And screenshots and explanatory graphics and links to Google quotes about how important each issue is to SEO rankings.

  • Client or Boss Ready

    It's already formatted and once completed, ready to hand off to your boss or your client, saving you TONS of time.

  • Tips to help you prioritize and present

    Often the real work happens at the end - what item should your team work on first? How should you present this to get buy-in? This guide covers that too.

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