This is a class for anyone interested in learning more about technical SEO.

We cover:

  • Why you need to conduct a technical SEO audit and what's included in an audit.
    Katherine Watier Ong conducting a technical SEO training at National Cancer Insitute
    Learn more about my background
  • How to use the data in your webmaster accounts.
  • How Google discovers, crawls, index and ranks URLs.
  • How to check to see if your site has issues hindering:
    • Discovery
    • Crawling
    • Indexing
    • Ranking
  • Mobile SEO requirements
  • Google News & Local Business
  • Frameworks that are NOT SEO Friendly
  • Review of the new mobile frameworks & SEO
  • Outline of Google Penalties
  • Tips for integrating social media signals
  • Tools and templates to get you started on your first audit

Attendees should leave the training with the ability to conduct their first SEO technical audit and be able to provide SEO technical recommendations.


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